Sunday, February 6, 2022

Hey...Another Review!

I sent Prince of Nothing a copy of Comes Chaos, and he has deigned to grant me the boon of a review. Quite a comprehensive one, in fact.

The fact that Prince knows (and is a longtime fan) of Warhammer and a longtime DM of the Basic D&D game (I believe he uses the Allston Rules Cyclopedia, though I may be mistaken) gives him a solid handle for analyzing the work, and...well, he's been writing pretty good reviews for a while now. For those still wondering about whether or not this is a purchase they want to make, I'd suggest taking a look; you should way or the other...after reading his post:

Later, Gators. Have some (A)D&D to play this morning.
; )


  1. Just ordered the print version based on that review. Looking forward to it.

    1. Right on…appreciate the business! Hopefully you’ll be able to use the ideas in it as fuel for your game.
      : )

  2. reading the review inspired me to look at at the book again, which made me want to make the chaos sorcerer more . . . hmmm, bloody. I did a quick synopsis of my ideas on the piazza.