Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Treading Old Ground

In preparation for my series on building campaigns, playing campaigns, the importance of campaigns, exploring my own campaigns, I went back over my old posts (some as far back as 2009) and found that a lot of what I wanted to write about...well, I've already blogged it in one form or another. Thoughts I've had recently are the same I've had prior, even such basic ideas as defining "campaigns" and the difference between what the term once meant and what it means to todays (5E) gamer.

And, of course, I'm not the only one to have these thoughts...Maliszewski was writing about this in 2008 (you know, back when 4E was first "a thing"). SO, because I'd rather break new ground than re-tread the old...and because I have to go check in on my mother who just had hand surgery...I'm going to put this series of posts on hold, at least till I've had a chance to think of a new, useful angle from which to attack them. 

Meanwhile: the weather is grey and gloomy, pouring rain. Classic Seattle-in-October weather, in other words; the kind that always inspires me to play Dungeons & Dragons. Really, what else would one rather do? Maybe add a hot toddy on a coaster next to your dice shaker. But it is perfectly lovely for indoor gaming, and I love, love, love it. 

The boy really wants me to run something for his gaming group for Halloween. I have been thinking a LOT about revamping Ravenloft as a low-level, B/X one-off. I don't think it would be that hard to do...which is generally a sign that it would be VERY hard to do. But I might try it, even so. I mean, I basically outlined how to do so already...could I reduce the thing to something that would fit a three-hour one-shot?

Maybe. It would definitely be a challenge...and challenges always fire me up. 

We'll see if anything comes of the idea; if it does, I'll throw out a PDF of the adventure notes for folks interested in using the scenario.
; )

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  1. I think Ravenloft has a thematic that works best over several gaming sessions to build up the tension and atmosphere. If condensing it for a one-off, it would likely become a straight forward faster paced monster hunt... which is okay too.

    I wonder if B-Movie "monster of the week" type flicks could be good inspirations for a Halloween one-off adventure. The Blob and Swamp Thing come to mind. Or how about Ghostbusters, D&D style (various funny undead battles leading up to a final battle with two gargoyles and a mean boss lady). Kids might like that. (I would!)