Wednesday, August 18, 2021


Time for a quick Blood Bowl post.

Last November I wrote a post complaining about the Jamal Adams trade to the Seattle Seahawks (the hometown team). Hope springs eternal in the preseason, however, and I have softened a bit on the deal...even (yes) in light of the news Tuesday that the team signed the dude to a 4-year, $70 million dollar contract, despite having exhibited neither the ability to provide coverage like a starting safety, nor the size and speed of a true pass rusher.

Why have I softened? The fact is, despite his flaws, Mr. Adams is a playmaker and a young one (25 years old) at that. A playmaker on defense is someone for whom opposing teams must gameplan and scheme and worry. The more playmakers one has on the team, the more difficult the job of the opposing coach. Right now, the Seahawks have multiple playmakers on offense (three or four for sure)...on defense we Maybe two. Besides Adams. The Seahawks need more, pure and simple. To make it tougher for opposing coaches.

The other reason: he was hurt last year. It is possible, he will be a better player (in coverage and rushing) in the coming season. He was 'okay' in 2020 (yes, he set a sack record for defensive backs...he was still graded worse in pass coverage than any other starting safety in the NFL, and worse than many backups, too). Being better...healthier...than last year could make for a remarkable season for the young multi-millionaire.

We'll see. 

Anyway...we're some five or six games into our home Blood Bowl tournament, and for the most part we're using he "standard" BB rules, rather than the true gridiron rules we were developing last year (it's just simpler/easier that way). Even in BB, one can see the value of "playmakers;" true star players and individual players heaped high with skills (like Big Guys, wood elf wardancers and skaven gutter runners) are pains in the ass that one needs to prepare tactics for neutralizing...if one wants to win. And who doesn't?

In honor of the new Jamal Adams contract, I've taken a look at the profile I put together last year and feel that it needs a bit of an update. Here's the way, I'd stat the guy under the actual rules (we're using BB2016 along with the Season One and Season Two Death Zone supplements):
#33 Goblin : MA 7 ST 2 AG 3 AV 8 Skills: Dauntless, Dodge, Right Stuff, Strip Ball, Stunty, Tackle, Thick Skull
Here's hoping the guy lives up to the hype.

Let's get the, Rams this year.

Current Blood Bowl World Cup Standings:

#1 The Rich-ers (Skaven)  6 points (two wins), GD: +3
#2 Nifty Nymphs (Wood Elves)  6 points (two wins, one loss), GD: -1
#3 Bubblegum Dynamite (Orks) 3 points (one win, one loss), GD: +3
#4 Kick-Butt Ladies (Amazon) 0 points (one loss), GD: -1
#5 Green Machine (Goblins) 0 points (two losses), GD: -4

GD is "goal differential."


  1. I do rather enjoy these posts even if I can't add anything constructive to them, nor for that matter even an informed opinion.

    I always rather liked the idea of Blood Bowl and I loved the ads in White Dwarf. It is something I would like to think a Modern D&D world might have.

    1. Sometimes it's fun to just clear the air a bit, you know?

      Not sure a Modern D&D world would be quite so barbaric as to have bloodsports (which Blood Bowl definitely is)...but pro-sports between various species? Sure, probably.