Wednesday, January 6, 2021

High Treason

Domestic terrorism in the United States capitol. Shocking and sad and unclear why an armed mob is allowed to injure multiple law enforcement without bringing in the National Guard to deal with these pieces of shit.

Yes, pieces of shit

14 days till we can get this rat-fuck out of office. The 25th amendment should have been activated a long time ago. 

Un-fucking-believable. Treason is still illegal in this country, right? 

Today is the feast day of Epiphany. The "12th day of Christmas." And just a real kick to the balls of anyone who loves this country and what it's supposed to stand for. 



  1. I know it's grim. I'm watching aghast from the UK. While America has many flaws, its strength has always been its democratic tradition - something for many others to look up to.

    This moment will pass, but the bigger problem is how to re-establish confidence of around 40% of the American people in these democratic institutions. That requires a bi-partisan commission and impartial citizens to look at the processes and frameworks.

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    1. Sorry, Jack. I’m not joking around.

    2. Truth hurts. I knew you'd delete it.

    3. There was nothing truthful to what you wrote. That's why I deleted it. I assumed you were attempting humor because of your "winky face;" I thought you were being facetious, not delusional.

      You have my sympathy.

      In the future, I'd suggest not posting things that you "know" will be are wasting precious minutes of your life.

  3. If they start slinging treason charges too soon then someone could start slinging pardons. Only 14 more days!

  4. Well said. What a crazy day at the capital today, domestic terrorists incited by a corrupt president occupied the building for an hour one of the traitors was killed in the process of keeping law and order. sad Trump has has tried to destroy democracy but thankfully was not successful. Congress has gone back to work tonight certifying Joe Biden as the president. Trump needs to be arrested for treason and conspiracy to over throw the government.

  5. I'm fighting so hard not to write something. Not even my country and I am so bleeding mad I just want to scream and scream and scream. Each step along the way for the last four years I've been asking, why isn't something done? How is this legal? Why are these people still walking around? What are the people responsible for investigations, arrests, overseeing the law, standing up for their country THINKING? What in the hell?

    Step by step, things being done that no democracy should tolerate, ever, yet they're being done and lied about, and the lies reported, and still, no consequences. Hundreds of thousands dead and no consequences. Attempts to defraud an election and no consequences. A gawddamned election that had a chance to sweep all the shit out of the country and no, BARELY a change, BARELY an acknowledgement that anything bad happened; and then, two months of further lies, further cheats, further attempts to defraud the election that already passed, and still, STILL, no consequences.

    And now, this. Insurrection. Treason. Blatantly, openly inciting mobs to attack Washington; blatant evidence of committing trying to muscle an election official just three days ago, and today we have punks kicking back and instagramming in the House of Congress.

    And consequences? No, doesn't look like it. Biden can barely call it what it is. Gaetz calls it Antifa and Republicans applaud. People arguing on twitter if it really is sedition or not, because people can't read a damned law. No national guard. No army. A country sitting on its hands, tsk tsking, but consequences? Nope.

    Are we here yet? Have we finally gotten to where someone, SOMEONE, has to admit that there's a point where the offense demands blood.


    1. Yeah. My post was pretty restrained from what I was feeling today (what I’ve been feeling for years), but I couldn’t let the events pass without saying SOMEthing. Too much fucking silence in the face of obscenity, these days.

      Ah, well.

    2. Economic inequality and faciast propaganda is the reason. Turned up to 11 by a cult of personality and modern social media. The economic inequality is to some significant degree the fault of democrats as well. So, pox on all the houses. But today was a day for the history books for sure. Not sure what is next. Probably not good.

  6. You say Treason, but Failure to follow the orders of the exising President is Treason. That precedent was established by Lincoln's election and the civil war that followed when the south elected a new President and refused to recognize the Authority of the existing President.

    Calls to invoke 25th Ammendment and remove Trump is unviable because it only has use if he is defficient health-wise. He is hostile to continuity of government other than himself. That is distinctly different from ill health (mentally).

    They say he is a Traitor but refusing to follow the existing President's orders is Treason. Not the other way around. Vice President Pence failed to follow the orders of the President. Thats Treason. Trump can appoint a new Vice President, and pretty much demand loyal military personnel eliminate the entire Senate, and Newly appointed President Biden under charge of Treason.

    And thats American Civil War II.

    1. No, failure to follow the individual's oath to the Constitution is treason. Your argument is what Trump doesn't understand; Americans are beholden to the Constitution, not the president.

    2. @ Sean:

      I am not a professor of Constitutional law, but my understanding is that treason is fairly narrowly defined, in large part as a protection against broad accusations of (and prosecutions for) "treason." There are only two things defined as treason: levying war against the United States OR adhering to the USA's enemies "giving them aid and comfort."

      Refusing to follow the President's orders doesn't come close to the definition of treason.

      The interpretation of "levying war" was interpreted narrowly by the courts in 1807 when it was stated (by the court) that attempting to "subvert by force the government of our country" by recruiting troops and drawing up plans was NOT ENOUGH (merely conspiring isn't treason) but would require an "actual assemblage of men for the purpose of executing a treasonable design."

      The events of yesterday showed a man (the current president) engaged in an act of levying war against the United States. That's treason.

      Other individuals with mental health credentials have declared Trump incompetent. Whether or not the court would would have to be decided in court. But I think the actions of our current commander-in-chief warrant examination in that light.

      Here's a good link:

    3. Spot on assessment, well articulated.

    4. Sorry, hit "Publish" too soon (please delete my other comment). JB, you're correct, and the guy you're responding to is clueless.

  7. Yesterday was a stain on this country that will not soon be removed. Kudos to you for at least trying to address how many of us are feeling. I am afraid I would be less "politic" about it.

    A sad day indeed.

  8. I'd make some crack about Underground, but it's pretty telling that I'm not surprised by these events at all. Between the ludicrous breakdown of things in this country, and my friend's ongoing efforts to escape the United Kingdom before it's officially renamed TERF Island, I'm not sure which of us is sitting on top of the bigger powderkeg.

  9. >Treason is still illegal in this country, right?

    This is America. Land of the free, home of the brave, and laws to keep the 99% in line. Trump will face no consequences. And this is the only lesson that the next authoritarian who wants to instigate a fascist coup will take away.

    (Curiously — and not that I want to steer the topic away from serious matters and toward games or anything like that, but it's curious enough that I have to mention it — I went trawling through the OSR blogosphere, checking out the blogs of some of the conservative-leaning and outright right-wing bloggers in our little hobby-circle. Silent, every last one of them. Not a peep from the cowards. All too predictable.)

    1. @ John:

      I see a lot of silence all over. I can think of a lot of reasons for this, not the least of which is simply speechlessness...words fail in the face of such outrage. It's why people simply post images of burning Trade Towers on 9/11; what words can compare to raw emotion?

      I'm a little different, I'm afraid. I have trouble processing my emotions...writing them out actually helps me process and understand my feelings. And a lot of times it comes out as a rambling rant, which isn't particularly constructive.

      But damn, man.

      Anyway. I was going to write more about The Keep on the Borderlands today. Instead, I spent the evening composing a carefully worded email to my Rep demanding articles of impeachment be brought the traitorous demagogue in the White House (like, immediately).

      And drinking. Lots of drinking.

    2. It's black porter and white whiskey for me tonight.

      I'll be using the 1E rules (you convinced me to give it a try!) to run module T1 tomorrow evening for my wife, brother, neighbor, and boss. Hopefully that'll be some kind of happy distraction (and a worthwhile blogging subject for another day).

    3. My blog post is coming later today.

    4. JB thank you for writing to your representative. Game on brother. Looking forward to your writings about The Keep on the Borderlands

    5. @Venger: Ah, yes. Blame the left when the right behaves badly. Blame critical race theory for racists hanging nooses and Confederate flags from the White House. Anything to absolve the so-called party of personal responsibility from... responsibility.

    6. Re-read my blog post.

      The left smacked ordinary folks around, and we elected Trump. The left's behavior over the last 4 years has brought us to this point. You don't see a correlation?

      Also, you have to know there were several Antifa, BLM, and anti-government individuals storming the Capitol. It wasn't just Trump supporters.

    7. @ Venger:

      There is no justification for what happened on Wednesday. I'm sorry if you feel "smacked around" by the left. Suck it up and live in the 21st century. You don't think non-white folks haven't felt "smacked around" by white people for centuries? And are they assaulting the very governmental institutions of the nation?

      Fuck off, Venger. Really. Charles Manson didn't stick a knife in a single person, but he spent the rest of his life in prison for being a dangerous manipulative asshole that incited gullible, ignorant malcontents to violent acts of murder and mayhem. Guess what? Trump is the same kind of asshole, but because of his position he has the potential to reach many more of the same types of people: ignorant people who have been easily misled by a fictional narrative that fits their worldview of themselves as "heroic patriots."

      And the thing is? Even if we were still living in the 19th century and the only people in power were white men (because of laws designed to keep white men in power) many (most? all?) of these people would STILL be ignorant and impoverished because there has always been a segment of the population kept that way, regardless of race, gender, religion, etc. The only difference is that now they have been galvanized and radicalized by a self-serving individual of low character, and pointed at the easily identified target of women, people of color, non-Christians, not-heterosexuals, etc. who occupy positions of power and want to foster equality in this great nation.

      Fuck off, Venger. And please don't bring that bullshit propaganda of "those guys were REALLY the radical left" around here. You have your own blog to espouse whatever ideas you want.

      And just to be clear: I don't think all Trump supporters are piece-of-shit domestic terrorists. Just the ones that are.