Saturday, July 4, 2020


A couple days ago, I decided on the site of the "tent-pole dungeon" for my Red Earth setting: the Licancabur volcano on the Bolivian-Chilean border. It's a little farther inland than what I originally envisioned, but it has many of the traits I was looking for: a good amount of height, eruption activity back in the early holocene epoch, superstition and legend from the locals, and ruins of ancient communities on its slope...and being part of the Andes gives me lots of justification for expansion of the subterranean realm, should that become necessary. It's definitely workable for my reimagining of South America circa 9,000 B.C.E.

It's also just a lovely mountain:

Elevation 19K feet

[yes, and I've started mapping; got one whole level complete]

Today, the fam and I will be hiking up our own local volcano: Mount Rainier. It's not nearly as tall (about 5,000 feet shorter) but it's ours, and it's still spectacular. We, of course, won't be scaling it's peak...we'll be less than halfway up the side of the thing...but it's still a little daunting. "Expect winter conditions" is what the National Parks Service advisory says.

At least it's outside.
; )

Later, folks.


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    1. Yes. Unfortunately, finding a decent book on the mountain (or ANY book) is pretty damn challenging, even in this Internet age.