Tuesday, January 7, 2020

First World Problems

I am having stupid, stupid issues with trying to Blogger to interact properly with Safari; this has caused me no end of frustration the last couple-few days (and is the epitome of a "first world problem").

The workaround is, of course, to use the much-reviled Chrome as my browser..."much reviled" by me, that is. But it bugs the bejesus out of me, and I'm having some difficulty adapting. Many apologies to folks...it's interfering with both my blogging and my ability to comment/reply to comments.

My intention is to do some offline writing over the next couple days and hope this issue resolves. It occurs to me that I had this problem (probably related to a Safari upgrade) a few months back and it DID eventually get resolved I suspect it's the OS upgrade that has touched it off again.


  1. Yeah, if you haven't done the upgrade, Apple is trying to make you run it. Good luck.

    I stupidly ran it and it's causing me problems with some older applications :(

  2. What's wrong with using Firefox?

    1. Surely you're joking?

      Okay, just in case you're not: I prefer Safari; it's my most comfortable browser, and the default browser on my Mac for the last many years.

      However, it ain't working with the Google products I use (like Blogger and Gmail...my MAIN online applications). If the issue is Google product, then the best bet is to use a Google browser to ensure non-screwed-up-ness. At least that's what I figure.

      But I've never been a Firefox fan.

  3. Offline writing may be a good thing. I know I write better when I'm unplugged.