Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Nothing Helps Clear The Head... adding a different type of Big Ball O Stress to the plate.

Heading out to Montana today. In fact, I have umpteen number of things to do, that I absolutely need to do, that I should be doing instead of blogging. Been out that way several times with the kids, but always via plane. Haven't made the road trip since long before the kids were born.

But we're doing it today. Finally got my wife to agree to the idea. When I was a kid, we traveled by car to see the relatives twice a year, starting when I was an infant (and being held on my mom's lap in a 1973 Datsun pick-up with no shocks). I can't see how my kids are made of any less sterner stuff than my brother and I were. They can tough it out for a few hours...jeez, we're going to be spending the night in Spokane anyway.

Still. Lots to do to prepare. That's the stress. I'm looking forward to the driving bit.

ANYway...I'll be (mostly) out of contact for the next few days, depending on internet connections and whatnot. Doesn't mean I'm ignoring you folks or anything.
: )

I am taking my sketch book to work on illustrations. More on that later.


  1. Spokane has a good game store,Merlyns. It's been around since I was a kid living in the Palouse. It's moved a lot but keeps getting bigger. I still go every year when I am up in Spokane.

  2. I second Merlyns. I go when I'm in Spokane visiting in-laws. It's my escape. We might be there over the 4th.

  3. Huh. I think I've *been* to Merlyns, but it's been a while (like, more than a decade). I'll try to stop in if I have the chance.