Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Harder Than I Figured

Yesterday, I started on some of the re-writes I talked about for Cry Dark Future. It was some slow going...I mean, really REALLY slow. By the end of my time in front of the Word doc, I had a few more than 600 words. I knock out blog posts longer than that in a fraction of the time. True, my blog isn't carefully crafted design or incredibly accurate grammatically or anything, but still...I'm talking first draft here. And a first draft of "easy" material at that!

[to be fair, I was a bit distracted yesterday by the whole Howard Schultz meltdown that's been going down locally. People outside of the Northwest might think it's "interesting" to have a coffee magnate billionaire as a possible presidential candidate (or "crazy" considering he has no public service experience or "selfish" considering his stated desire to run as an Independent). People around my neck of the woods, OTOH, are losing their shit due to Schultz being a reviled persona non grata for his role in costing Seattle the Supersonics. As one local radio pointed out, "Ken Behring tried to tank the Seahawks and move them to Anaheim, even hiring a general manager later accused of murdering someone with a crossbow, and HE's not as hated as Schultz." Now, I happen to have info (and on fairly good authority) that Mr. Schultz is actually a kind and decent human being, but I'll be surprised if he goes through with a presidential bid, considering the difficulty he'd have even winning in his (adopted) home state...and Oklahoma only has half the electoral votes Washington does]

Still, the more I peck away at the thing, the quicker the molasses seems to to flow. It's just been a while since I've actually done this kind of thing (working with B/X, writing rules in this format, getting this type of design into my "headspace," etc.). I'm a little leery about the magic system, as there are still a couple issues I haven't yet solved...though it turns out I already got the spell lists written a few years back (when I was re-writing the game as a post-apocalyptic fantasy setting), so that's not an issue. But...well, one thing at a time.

Anyway, I'm working. I'm writing. I really am. I'll throw an update up here by the end of the day, just to give folks an idea of the, uh, progress. At least, I'm (mostly) over my cold, but I'm still tired...went to bed earlier than normal and still slept in. Ah, well: baby steps.


  1. The first few hundred words on any given day can be agony. When I’m writing to a goal, I set a goal of 1667 words a day (5k in three days) for the first draft. Then I sit and write them.

    Your goal doesn’t have to be 1667, but set a word per day goal. It will help you.

  2. The hardest part of any writing is just getting started, keep at it. like you said baby steps.