Thursday, May 18, 2017

B/X Companion - Now Available in PRINT

As the title says, I am now in possession of a couple crates of my B/X Companion. For those who have been clamoring for a print copy, you may once again order it directly from me through PayPal by clicking on the drop down menu in the sidebar (make sure it's the menu underneath the correct image), and selecting the book's destination.

Sorry to have made you folks wait so long.

Anyway, my excitement is marred a bit today by the passing of one of the greatest rock vocalists to ever come out of the Seattle area: Chris Cornell. Like me, Chris was a local boy...attended the same elementary school my boy goes to, went to the same high school I would have (if I'd gone to public school) and worked as a sous-chef at a restaurant just down the street from my (current) home. I've had the pleasure of singing his music on occasion, but I'm a poor imitation (at best) being about an octave shy of his full range...and unlike me, Mr. Cornell was an accomplished and excellent songwriter, musician, and wordsmith. Prince and Bowie were losses that most of the world could grieve, but losing Chris...well, that feels much more personal.


Rest in peace, boys.

Louder than Love? Damn Straight.


  1. I've felt pretty shaken up today by the death of Chris Cornell. Maybe it's because a voice and an artist that defined the music of my generation has left us far too soon. To borrow lyrics from one of his songs, there seems to me a shadow on the sun today in the wake of his passing.
    When you talk about grunge, I think it's safe to say Chris Cornell was like the Freddie Mercury of the era: he had a voice that was distinctive and had a wide range, not only in terms of octaves but also moods, from soulful tones to scorching screams. Soundgarden and Temple of the Dog are required listening for anyone who wants to know the truth about grunge.
    Thanks, Chris, for contributing so much to the sound of my generation. Give our regards to Kurt, Layne, Scott, and your friend Andrew when you see them. My youth would have been much diminished without your words and sounds. To borrow once again from your lyrics, say hello to heaven.

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  3. Great news about the book! Definitely sad about Chris. What a great loss.

  4. It’s Not Just Chris Cornell: Suicide Rates Highest Among Middle-Aged Men. “121 Americans die by suicide each day, according to the Centers for Disease Control — and 93 of them are men. . . . In fact, American men make up the bulk of suicides nationwide. Victims of death by suicide are overwhelmingly white (7 out of 10), male and — just like Cornell — between the ages of 45 and 65.

  5. Thank you for making this available again.

    1. @ Mothshade:

      You're welcome!
      : )

  6. Truly a sad day in music. Soundgarden has been a favorite of mine for ages, too long to recall.

    Thank you for making this available again. Purchased!

  7. If one doesn't do Pay Pal, how do they order a B/X Companion?

    1. @ Russ:

      Hmm...I suppose you could mail me a check for the same amount. If you'd like to do that, email me and I'll get you a mailing address for payment.