Saturday, December 17, 2016

Star Wars Rogue One... an excellent film. It may be my new favorite Star Wars film to date. 

My brother (who watched the film with me and the boy) is lying on my couch as I type this, muttering to himself "huh, I wasn't expecting that," and other non-sequitur nothings as he tries to wrap his head around what he just experienced. Whereas Episode 7 was a new take on an old plot (a remake of the original) this was a much more mature look at the universe created within the genre. It was more a "war film" than (what is traditionally considered) a "Star Wars film." And, as I've written before, I love me some military sci-fi. 

The movie also borrows many of the concepts found in Lucas's original treatment for the first films...ideas that were readily discarded as the script morphed into a space version of Kurosawa's The Hidden Fortress.

[see Michael Kaminski's wonderful "The Secret History of Star Wars" for details]

Anyway, I'd write more, but it would include spoilers. Plus, I have a lot of other things to write about besides Star Wars, including other cinema offerings (for example, Moana may be the best Disney film I've seen since Beauty and the Beast. It doesn't have the single, show-stopping "power song" Frozen gave us with Let it Go, but the overall excellence is far more consistent and the story and animation are tremendous. Dwayne Johnson is but one of Moana's many pleasant surprises).

So that's all I'll say for now. My kid called it "a great film," and there wasn't much of anything in the show that pandered to kids. But as far as a magical, kid-like fantasy universe? Yeah. In that regard, this may be the best Star Wars film yet made.


  1. This is the Star Wars film I've wanted for almost 30 years, ever since the WEG Star Wars RPG came out when I was in high school (1987). This was a great addition to the SWU!

    1. @ Anthony: sure gives me a hankering to pull out my old WEG Star Wars, just to try some modeling.

  2. Great! I'm REALLY Looking forward to seeing the movie when my finances permit me... Thanks for the quick review! :-)

  3. 100% agree.
    I pulled out my WEG Star Wars and soaked in the nostalgia.
    Awesome movie...awesome game.

  4. Right there with you. Only seen it once so far, going to see it again tomorrow, but my assessment as I left the theater was "that was the best Star Wars film so far."

    Also? Holy shit but CG is getting good.

  5. It's a brilliant movie. I watched it with my 7 y.o. son, who also loved it. And we both were pretty disgusted at Episode VII (my son called the main villain "Darth Tantrum" and "Darth Idiot".)

  6. I finally saw it over the break. I concur on all counts. Peter Cushing back from the dead. Holy cow.