Thursday, May 19, 2016


That's what I ate this morning while I check my email at my "new office:" McDonald's.

Yes, my internet is currently down at home. Which sucks. But does it suck as bad as the Paraguayan form of McDonald's breakfast? Mmm. That's close. The coffee is good...probably the best I've had in Paraguay (and they'll give you a real cup of it, unlike most places; black even, if you ask for it). The medialuna (croissant) was actually to my taste, too. But...

Well, no pancakes, syrup, hashbrowns, sausage, biscuits, McMuffins, English

The McMananero was kind of like a McGriddle (I think) but devoid of flavor.

They have a grilled cheese sammy (with or without ham) that looks terrible even on its poster (it's called a "tostado" but it's just McD's version of the local mixto).

And they have the ever-famous cheeseburger and orange juice combo.


Okay, so...not exactly a "touch of home." I should have known better, but I had such HOPE when I found out the place served breakfast the other day (a rarity here), that I...*sigh*. Dashed hopes...again.

How I miss the Baranoff.

Anyway, the good thing about no internet means I'm now getting some writing done without distraction (I've watched 18-19 episodes of Black-ish on Netflix the last week. Damn fine television that, truly...though I wonder if the humor is as poignant for people other than Gen-X fathers in long-term marriages like myself. Still, great acting and very funny writing...and, yes, I have seen Modern Family. This one hits closer to home for me, despite the obvious race difference). Thank goodness I can't follow the local baseball team on TV...I hear they're pretty good this year.


I'll write more about my current projects/progress once I'm back on-line. Right now I've got to go find some chipa to wash this crap flavor from my mouth. Ble-ach!

I AM taking the coffee, though. Later.

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  1. My main memory of Paraguay (after the various wonderful Jesuit ruins) is of having food poisoning in some cheap and nasty hotel in and my girlfriend had just travelled by bus from Santiago (where we lived at the time...this was back in the early 90s) and the first thing we did on arriving in Asuncion was go and grab something to eat in one of the places near the main plaza. Wish we hadn't. Both of us for two days...sick as dogs. Pretty sure they didn't even have a McDonalds back then...Chile didn't until around 93 or 94.