Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Idle Hands...

I am sick (again), but not terribly so. Some weird random cough, stuffed up head, and (most irritating for me) the damn nasal drip.

What I should be doing is sleeping, but I'm not (duh). Instead, I've got a (game) project I'm working on that I am extremely engaged in. No, it has nothing to do with my B/X Campaign Setting (that's now up to page 62, though it's currently's probably 6-8 pages away from completion). And, no, it has nothing at all (or nearly nothing) to do with the recent superhero game I've been diddling around with.

Nope, this is yet another project that I'm all hot and bothered about. I am hoping I can keep it short-n-sweet and knock it out in a day or four. I am really going to give it that ol' college try. The thing is, my time for "work" (of this sort) is growing short...I'll be winging my way off to Oaxaca, Mexico for Holy Week, and will probably be away from my computer from the 21st till after Easter. And who can say even after that?

Fingers crossed.
ANYhoo. The writing is going well, which is a relief because this thing is pretty far "outside-the-box" for Yours Truly. However, I've been recently inspired by a couple new artists with whom I've made recent acquaintance, one of whom is actually Paraguayan. I am really, really hoping I can use her artwork in the new project (Paraguayans don't play RPGs, of course, and I don't write in Spanish, so a "comp copy" of the book probably won't fly as payment for services rendered. However, as I wrote the other day, I DO plan on paying my artists from now on, so I was thinking about moving to cash as my means of barter anyway).

Okay...that's enough. Got to go to the lavanderia and then get home to plug in a few more pages before my illness gets any worse!
: )