Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Damn, Kam

Unless you're a Seahawks fan, you're probably not going to care or understand this post: Kam Chancellor has decided to continue his hold-out, even into the regular season of the NFL. He will miss Seattle's first game in St. Louis.

A lot of NFL fans outside Seattle have heard of Marshawn Lynch, AKA "Beastmode," the hard-hitting running back who can make a highlight reel out of a 3 yard gain (usually because it should have been a five yard loss). While the Seahawks did not start having real success (again) until they'd picked up their quarterback (Russell Wilson), Lynch has been called the soul of the offense, sometimes even the soul of the team: it's heartbeat. Lynch's example, his willingness to fight and scrap and give his body to the team down to his last breath, brings a toughness to the offense that makes elevates everyone's game, making them all better.

Chancellor is the Marshawn Lynch of the Seahawks' defense. He is the "boom" in the Legion of Boom.

He should have been named the MVP of the Super Bowl in 2014 (against the Broncos); he set the tone for the entire game. He's a monster, an animal, a roaming force of destruction in the backfield, the hardest hitting strong safety in the game. He strikes fear in the hearts of other teams' skill players (receivers, tight ends), the same way Lynch strikes fear in the hearts of linebackers and defensive backfields (who don't want to look foolish trying to tackle him). The same way defenses will let Lynch roam free in the second half of games is the way receivers will "tap out" when faced with the prospect of being tackled by Kam. Vernon Davis used to be a pretty good tight end until he was knocked out of the game by the violence of a (legal) Chancellor tackle a couple years ago. He hasn't been the same (at least in games against the Seahawks) since.

I've been going to Seahawks games since the 70s...I was there (at the Kingdome in 1984) when the Seahawks retired the number 12 in honor of their (loud) fans. I've never worn a jersey except the number 12...I never played football for the team; I'm just a "fan." But last year I actually considered purchasing a #31 jersey. He is my absolute favorite player since Dave Krieg. I didn't buy it (I'm a cranky purist), but I gave it serious consideration. And now, Chancellor may have played his last game as a Seahawk.

Because if being fined a quarter-million dollars for missing training camp, and losing a game check of $267,000 (for game one) isn't enough to get his ass back with a team, with his brothers whom he loves and of whom he has been the defensive captain for years...then he must be dead serious about sitting out the whole season on principle. And the Seahawks organization will not, cannot give in to his contract demands.

So I'm bummed.

Back in 2013, I wrote up Blood Bowl stats for the (then team) including Chancellor, and made him the equivalent of Brandon Browner; the stat line was:

Ork Blitzer (add Mighty Blow, Pass Block)

Since that time, Chancellor has distanced himself quite a bit from his former Legion of Boom-mate. Browner's career stats (things for which I'd award SPPs in BB) look like this:

0 sacks, 3 forced fumbles (1 recovered), 2 TDs, 11 interceptions, 1 Pro Bowl selection, 1 Super Bowl (as an active player)

Chancellor's stats look like this:

2 sacks, 6 forced fumbles (3 recovered), 1 TD, 11 interceptions, 3 Pro Bowl selections, 2 All-Pro selections, 2 NFC Defensive Player of the Week, 1 Steve Largeant Award, 2 Super Bowls (as an active player)

His current Blood Bowl stat line should look like this:

Ork Blitzer (add ST +1, Leader, Mighty Blow, Pass Block, Tackle)

I'm very bummed. Dumb as it is, this has thrown off my whole day, and definitely put a damper on the start of football season.

"Feel that sting? That's pride, f***ing with you."

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  1. My understanding is that the Seahawks did him a solid with the last contract, but he is looking at the other contracts of the players on his team and feels slighted. In the salary cap Era it's hard to please your star players and still field a decent team.