Monday, June 1, 2015

Sorry, Folks... day care this morning (or perhaps at all), so you may not get anything more than the scheduled installment of Kloane War Knights today.

In other news, I've had nearly 300 downloads of Frontier Space in less than three days.

[should've thrown some clip art on it and sold it for 50 cents a pop]

This despite Blogger telling me only half as many people have actually read the original post. What...are people downloading two copies each?

*ahem* ANYway...such enthusiasm probably shouldn't go unrewarded. I'll see if I can put together a follow-up piece or two...I'm thinking either a Referee/Adventure guide, a sample adventure, or a conversion of Knight Hawks (though I'll have to actually go back and read KH's been a few years). Again, these are just one-sheets I'm talking about. Heck, maybe I'll pony up the dough for the system-neutral Strange Stars and do a quick conversion for its setting. Would anyone be into that?

Just let me know. I'm a little busy at the moment, but I'll get back to it.


  1. I normally catch up on RSS feeds on my iPad. So, I clicked the link to Frontier Space not knowing what I would get, and it loads up in my feed reader app. That’s pretty useless. I now know it is a PDF, though. (And there are plenty of times a link ended in “pdf” without actually being a direct link to the PDF. Or when it didn’t but was.) So, I copy the link over to GoodReader to download it there. After a couple of attempts, I can’t seem to get MediaFire to actually give me a direct link to the PDF instead of embedding it in HTML.

    At this point, I’ve probably “downloaded” it at least three times, but I still don’t have a downloaded copy.

    But hey, download counts have always been nigh meaningless.

  2. @ Robert:

    Ooo...sorry, that sounds ugly. Is there a better way/format to get you the thing. MediaFire works good for me, but I'm using a laptop.

    1. I dunno. Since I’ve always had my own web site, I’ve never needed a place to host files like that. And it seems like all the ones I try to download stuff from insist on over-complicating something that ought to be dead-simple.

      But, the main point was that there’s always issues—whether technical or non-technical—that end up making absolute download counts tell you very little. 300 tells you something generally, but not specifically that 300 individuals downloaded it. That would even be true if I was looking at stats for a PDF on my web site.

      And—for me—I’ll just make the download count more meaningless by downloading from my Mac when I get a chance.

  3. I liked it! I only downloaded it once, I swear.

    I'm definitely curious to see whichever you decide to produce next for it.