Tuesday, June 25, 2013

World War Borg

All right, all right...I realize "Metal Ever After" is a stupid name any way you slice it. I've changed the name of the micro-game to World War Borg, which is more descriptive anyway. Made a couple (very minor) changes to the document as well, and have removed the old link.

If you want the current version, you can download it here.

Life and work are crazy at the moment. Hope to post something more later today.


  1. I'll be downloading this when I get home (my work blocks personal storage sites) and taking a look. Just a quick question, how integrated are cybernetics into the game itself? Could they be theoretically stripped out if I wanted something a bit more low-tech?

  2. @ Tom:

    The cybernetics aren't embedded such that they couldn't be removed (though you'd probably need to update the injury table with "healing times" or something). However, part of the reason for the inclusion of 'borgs is to emphasize the idea that it's tough to hold onto your humanity while fighting a war.