Monday, May 6, 2013

Deep Thoughts? No, Just Updates.

A couple years back I started writing a blog post that started something like this:

“There are many ways to play Dungeons & Dragons…”

...I then meandered and rambled for about six to eight pages in fairly pretentious fashion before giving the whole thing up as a blog post. Just too big in scope…and one that I’m not feeling up to tackling (even in half-assed fashion) at this point in my “writing career.” Maybe someday.

A recent discussion on another blog made me consider revisiting a part of that post by writing about the role of DMs in fostering expectations of play in players…another thing that most of us DMs (and non-DMs) fail to consider when we sit down at the gaming table. It’s not that we’re necessarily bringing certain assumptions to the table that aren't correct…though that might be part of it…it’s just that we don’t (usually) even think about the impact we’re having outside of “are we providing the players with a good time/entertaining play” (and sometimes we’re not even considering that). No, I’m not talking about “ruining the gaming experience for a newbie for all time by being a dick-weed.” No, I’m talking about fostering a sense of what “fantasy role-playing” is all about that may hamstring or  curtail the player’s natural imaginative/creative juices down the road.

You know? Like the way throwing a rookie quarterback out as the starter can really screw up a potential NFL starter’s career by forcing him to compete when he’s really not ready to do so?

Anyway, that conversation (or blog post) is another high-falutin’ one that I’ve decided I’m really not ready to delve into…maybe later this week, or maybe not. Instead, I’ve decided I’d prefer to give an update on 5AK and its publication. First, though, let me start with this:

I hate f’ing Kinko’s.

Of course, Kinko’s no longer exists (at least not in Washington…maybe they still have a store somewhere in California). Instead, we have FedEx Office which is just as bad except that they’re not open 24 hours like Kinko’s was back in the day.

Remember those “good ol’ days?” Sure they were still gouging clients on paper and ink costs and they had the (notoriously) surly customer service…but at least you could walk into a place at midnight, put in your order, and come back around 3 or 4am after pounding a thermos of coffee and a Grand Slam breakfast at Denny’s.

*Sigh*…I miss that.

Instead, when I get a bee in my bonnet and say, dammit, I need a mock-up proof that I can hold and feel and review and…whatever…INSTEAD, I have to run down to the store by 7pm and I still get this “we’re closing in two hours so you won’t be able to pick this up till Monday…after 4pm.” Motherf***rs! I’m paying $30 for that?!

No…I am not one for delayed gratification. I believe I’ve mentioned this more than once.

SO, yeah…that’s what’s going on. I’ve decided I need to do “a little something” every day on getting 5AK published or else I’ll go batshit-crazy. Today, I’m picking up my proofs and I’m hoping to make some decisions on dice colors. Tomorrow, I am hopeful I’ll be able to make some decisions about the latter and will place the order with Chessex. Wednesday, I’ll be putting together another play-test session which will then be executed on Thursday, with changes being made Friday and Saturday. And then Monday I will be seeing my REAL printer to see “what can you do for me.” Depending on how that goes…well, that will determine what I’m doing next week.

[mmm...note to self: remember to add ISBNs, too]

I’ve had several readers contact me via email to let me know they are available for proof-reading. For the sake of expedience, I may be willing to take some of you up on the offer. You folks know who you are…I’ll be in contact via email.

My terribly optimistic, non-conservative estimate is that I’ll have something to offer for sale by June. 5AK is going to be offered in both print and PDF format…though the printed booklets are going to be so much cooler and include custom dice so why anyone would want to go the electronic way is unclear.

Of course, I’m a primitive Neanderthal so, whatever.

[for readers who really don’t give two hoots about 5AK and are waiting with bated breath for Cry Dark Future…sorry. I know, I know…YOU folks don’t want or need “another D&D” you want your cyber-elf and miniguns and whatnot. Here’s the quick update: I’ve got back all the proof-reading edits, but the book hasn’t been updated yet. The artwork is coming in slowly but surely…I’ve received more than a dozen pieces so far, at least half of which should be “workable.” Still need to complete the formatting, page numbers, correct the table of contents, etc. At the last moment, I’ve decide NOT to add Halflings to the mix because, cool as that might be…well, dude, I’m just not going to do it at this point.CDF will get done…and hopefully soon…but 5AK is almost certainly going to be done first. Again, sorry folks]

Okay, I’m signing off now. Even writing about this stuff makes me all sorts of antsy. I’ve got to work on something different for awhile…maybe my Holmes knock-off.

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  1. Haven't seen a Kinko's in California in years...but then again I haven't really been looking for one.