Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day in America

[*ahem*...that is to say, "in the United States of America"]

Just a quick reminder that everyone of legal age in this country should be making sure they take the time and effort to VOTE.

And I really do mean everyone...even those of you who can't seem to figure out that voting for Republicans is detrimental to the health and well-being of ALL of us (including yourselves). Regardless of your political inclination you should be getting out there and exercising you sovereign right to have your voice heard in our political process.

Some folks I know are disenchanted with the choices and options available. Some folks would prefer to obstain from the process or feel that it's against their principles to simply "vote for the lesser of two evils." To which I say: bullshit. If you're a citizen of this country, you have a responsibility to be involved. If you can't stomach what's going on, then work to change it: educate yourself on the process, get involved locally, run for office yourself, or find someone who you DO want to vote for and talk them into seeking office. Don't sit and whine and bitch and then fail to take part...being a citizen means having both rights AND responsibilities. You don't get one without the other...and if you neglect your duty, well, I don't suppose I can really stop you from doing so, but I certainly hold you in less regard.

Don't you want me to respect you?

All right, that's enough of a public service announcement...hopefully I'll be writing more about space RPGs later (mainly having to do with my thoughts on Robin Laws's Ashen Stars, my latest game acquisition). Though that may not go up till tomorrow...I'll be drinking all evening at a local election night celebration tonight.

[and just by the way and speaking of patriotism, I cannot believe their fcking remaking the cold war classic Red Dawn. Holy crap...is it just impossible for Hollywood to come up with an original idea for a movie these days? Well, actually, I did just see Argo, which was excellent and original, but based on a TRUE story...where's the new and original fiction being written? Jeez!]


  1. What about those Americans who vote Green Party or Libertarian instead of the lesser of two evils presented by the Reps and Dems?

  2. @ Anthony: What about them? They're still participating in the process...which is a good thing.

    Now regarding whether or not that participation is MARGINAL, I'm not inclined to judge too harshly...especially in small, local elections where such candidates are certainly viable. Hell, a write-in choice is better than no choice...you're still steping up and doing your civic duty. Who's to say such small acts won't spill over into a broader type of impact/service to your nation?

    Just frigging vote.

  3. ...and may we get the best leader we can get.

  4. If Gary Johnson can get 5% he can get funding and on the ballot next election.

  5. Sorry, JB, my brain was mush when I wrote that. When you wrote "lesser of two evils" my mushy gray matter reacted. I guess I was trying to put forth a reminder that we don't need to be slaves to the illusion of a two-party system here in the States. I hope one and all remember that...

  6. Red Dawn is TOTALLY original!!!!

    In this one it's the NORTH KOREANS who invade the US!

    Totally different. The US gets its butt kicked by an army that can be distracted by throwing some sandwiches on the ground in front of it.