Friday, August 3, 2012

Age of Aquarius (addendum)

Just a couple quick notes on last night's post, before I'm off to work:
  • Even though it may be inappropriate to model an evil, vicious inhumanity in a fantasy RPG that models a pseudo-medieval agrarian society with detachment, there are other ways to make human antagonists monstrous. There have been monstrous groups throughout the years, long before the Aquarian Age, though often because of a more personal drive: a culture that celebrates aggression or bloodthirstiness, or rivalries and vendettas against the subjects of their violence. However, in a human culture that is closer to itself, the personal nature should be emphasized.
  • If there is a type of human antagonist that can appropriately modeled with detachment, consider the magic-user from every angle. The more powerful the mage, the less "human" they may actually feel, as their powers separate them from their fellows. If you're going to have any NPC act with cold detachment, objectifying humans and doing or ordering terrible things, the magic-user's a good choice. No wonder those evil wizards are always portrayed in the company of orcs.
  • I did make it home last night and DID watch some television myself (a little Project Runway) while massaging the wife's poor little feet. Even while veg'ing in front of the Boob-Tube, you can still have some quality interaction with your friends and family...we don't have to let technology totally alienate us.
All right, that's all I want to say on the subject (hopefully, more gaming posts later). Except that table-top RPGs are a good way to remain engaged with each other in a meaningful way, despite the distractions of the Age in which we live.
: )

Oh, yeah...if you haven't done so yet, please put your comments on my non-poll poll post regarding my next writing project. Thanks again for your feedback.

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