Friday, March 2, 2012

35% Power

That's how much juice I've got left in my laptop...and when it's gone I'm SOL because my son managed to chew through the power cord.

Actually, that's not completely accurate. My beagles chewed the power cord about 20 minutes after I opened the box. However, despite the frayed cord, it's still managed to keep me supplied with power (and able to write books and blogs) for about 4-5 years. Last night, though, Baby D appears to have managed to finish the job, somehow destroying the conductivity enough that, well...

35% power...and that's still keeping the thing plugged to prevent as much "seepage" as possible.


Well, I'll pop down to the Mac store tomorrow, but any serious writing tonight is probably a lost cause. I'm going to try to answer some email and then I'm just going to curl up with the Tomb of Horrors until I fall asleep.

34% power.

1 comment:

  1. I feel the pet and offspring pain as well, quite often. I've come to know the truth of the phrase "This is why we can't have anything nice!"