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Miscellaneous Companion Magic

From the B/X Companion, Part 7: Treasure:


Unless otherwise noted, all miscellaneous items may be used by any character and require no more than simple concentration to activate.

Berserker Helm: the wearer of this grim head piece enters a blood red rage when in melee combat, gaining an extra +1 to hit and damage and an extra melee attack every round (haste spells have no further effect). The wearer fights until all enemies are defeated, and must make a save versus spells to not attack companions as well (the wearer may attempt this save every round till successful). Unnatural life force bestowed by the helm allows its bearer to continue fighting even if reduced to 0 hit points! The berserker is only killed if reduced to -25 hit points or lower. Once combat ends the character expires if his hit points are 0 or less.

Crown of Command: the wearer of this magical crown can exercise control over any creature – animal, dragon, giant, humanoid, plant, or undead – just as if under the effect of a control potion of the same name. Only elementals and other-planar creatures are immune to the crown’s power.

Dancing Hut: this small shack is perched upon two giant birdlike legs. Its interior may be furnished as desired (it has four rooms) and the door may be wizard locked (18thlevel) with a command word. Another command word allows owner to direct the house to move over any terrain at a fast pace (equal to a warhorse), or attack as hill giant (kicking twice per round instead of punching).

Feather Token: this feathered garment allows the wearer to transform into a large swan. While in swan form the character may fly (360’/120’), is immune to non-magical weapons, and receives a +4 bonus on saving throws. A swan’s attack does 1D6 damage in melee and no bonuses or adjustments are made for a character’s Strength.

Folding Fortress: this item appears to be a small cube, but when thrown to the ground and a command word given it erupts, unfolding into a small, round tower (20’ base, 30’ high). The door is reinforced iron and the whole structure is magically durable (able to withstand twice the normal damage from effects like a horn of blasting). The fortress must have enough space to un-fold; any creature in the area when it erupts will take 5D10 damage (save versus dragon breath to avoid all damage).

Gloves of Catching: as long as the wearer of these gloves is otherwise empty handed she may catch any number of missile weapons directed at her every round. Magical weapons that normally return to the thrower can be caught, but the catcher must make a successful Open Doors roll to retain possession of the weapon, otherwise it will return to its wielder. The gloves have no effect on spells or breath weapons.

Gorget of Protection: this magical piece of neck armor makes the wearer immune to any form of strangulation. In addition, vorpal weapons will only decapitate the wearer of the gorget on a natural roll of 20. The gorget gives a +1 bonus to armor class and may be worn by anyone.

Gorget of Strangulation: when this neck piece is strapped into place it immediately begins to constrict, suffocating the wearer in 1D4 rounds. Only a remove curse, break enchantment, or wish spell will prevent the piece from killing its victim and the person being strangled is unable to utter any spell words himself. The gorget may be removed easily once its wearer is dead.

Harness of Training: this harness magically sizes to fit over any creature’s head. Any creature so fitted that has at least animal intelligence will be instantly and immediately trained and ready to follow the commands of the owner with but the utterance of a command word (a save versus spells is allowed to resist, and more intelligent creatures gain additional saves to break the enchantment as per a charm spell). Mindless creatures (plants, undead, purple worms, etc.) are unaffected.

Hat of Deception: with but a moment’s thought this magic hat transforms the wearer into any form desired, the hat itself being also disguised as any accessory desired. Despite the illusion, the characters abilities and stats (armor class, hit points, weapon damage) all remain the same; the character may look like an armored warrior or a skinny urchin, but won’t fight like one! The hat only disguises appearance, not the voice or odor.

Land Ship: this small sailing ship sails over land as easily as over sea, the earth and trees parting like waves. Cobblestone roads may be parted as well, but man-made structures will not and the ship will crash against them as against a pier or lighthouse. Likewise, while hills may be crested like tall waves, the ship will “run aground” against mountains and the like. When traveling over-land, roll for wind as normal, but subtract 1 or 2 from the dice roll treating results under 2 as “becalmed.”

Magic Satchel: this largish pouch has a comfortable strap for slinging over the shoulder. It functions much as a bag of holding save that its capacity is unlimited (though nothing larger than a man may be placed in the satchel). The owner may readily find anything he or she has placed in the satchel; others attempting to ransack the satchel will need 1D4 turns to locate a specific item.

Portable Door: this loose door may be attached to any solid surface and used to create a portal, just as if using a pass-wall spell. A command word is used to activate the door.

Scabbard of Deflection: if wielded in an off-hand, the scabbard confers a +2 bonus to armor class with its parrying ability, exactly as a +1 shield would. Two such scabbards can be wielded (in lieu of a weapon) giving their bearer a +4 bonus to armor class instead.

Scabbard of Sticking: any blade sheathed in this scabbard is immediately held fast, unable to be removed unless the command word known and spoken. A weapon held in this fashion cannot be used effectively, save as an ordinary club. The scabbard may be used as a trap for unwary swordsmen, but it was designed to prevent the theft of important blades.

Table Cloth of Feasting: by unfolding this cloth and spreading it on the ground or a table, it sets itself with enough food and drink to feed a group of 12 individuals. The cloth functions a maximum of twice per day.

Wax of Sealing: this wax may be used to seal any door or lock as if casting a wizard lock at 25th level of spell-use; however, not even the user may bypass the seal. The wax may also be applied in a thin line to create a circle of protection 5’ radius. A protection circle lasts until broken. There is enough wax for 1D20 applications.

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